Uber Tricks: Hidden ways to earn money with Uber

Uber, the number one car hiring company, opens new avenues of earning to car owners. It is pretty easy to get affiliated to it. Whether you want to drive yourself or want to hire a driver for it, earning handsome money isn’t a big deal.

Uber Trick 1: Add a value to your service

Undoubtedly, people hire Uber cars because the service is better than others. However, you can make it outstanding by adding new dimensions to it. When you provide on-demand car service to your customers, promptness always matters.

Reach timely and be polite with your customers. Let them find you exceptionally different from others.

Drivers keep water bottles and snacks, newspapers and railway timetable, free WI-Fi and CD players with the mini screen; to add comfort to the journey.

Uber Trick 2: Offer your service when nobody else offers

When there are several taxis, people have a choice. When there is no taxi available, you get sure shot business. During odd hours, Sundays and hot afternoon in the summers; there are a few cabs on roads.

You should offer the services during such off-peak hours. You will add good money to your wallet.

Also, do not hesitate in taking long-distance customers. Sometimes, other drivers do not want to go outskirts because they do not find it feasible. You should go ahead and grab it.

Uber Trick 3: Buy insurance that is the cheapest

You should be skeptical and choosy while hiring insurance companies. It will not give an immediate benefit to your wallet, but will surely add up to the gross profits at the end of the year.

Compare offers give by different companies and pick the lowest quotation. ‘Maximum coverage at the minimum rates’ should be your motto.

Uber Trick 4: Be a smart driver, not the most hardworking driver

Yes, smartness is the key maximizing your earnings.  You should be aware of the size of the city, rush hours and the probability of getting business during the peak hours.

By planning your schedule wisely, you can earn big money by putting relatively small efforts.

Airports, hot spots (e.g. major tourist points in the city or malls), and movie halls are the places where you get business without fail. Try to be near these places so that Uber App hands over the traffic to you.

Your car should be engaged most of the time. The percentage of ‘empty car’ should be significantly lower than the ‘loaded car’.

Apply these Uber tricks and happy earning!


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