Uber cab registration requirements

Have you bought a car with an ambition of starting a new business of car hiring? What will be the modus operandi? Are you going to explore the local cab market by tapping your personal contacts? Or you wish to get attached to some local taxi operator? Well, both the choices are not quite fascinating from the earning perspective. Attach to Uber instead.  Amigo tells you how to complete Uber Cab Registration. You get the benefit of the reputation and brand name of this world-class company.

Not sure about the process of registering the car with Uber? Here are the details

Since you are attaching the car to a global player, obviously the registration requirements are comprehensive. However, Uber ensures that it doesn’t become cumbersome and lengthy. Here are the requirements:

  • The car you want to attach to Uber can be a new one or old, but it has to be in the perfect working condition. Remember; don’t hide the problems or shortcomings of the car if it is an old one. It shouldn’t get surfaced later as it may have implications.
  • You can hire a driver who has experience of commercial driving or you can drive it yourself.
  • To register the vehicle, you need Identity Proof, PAN, and UID.
  • Obtain the Police verification certificate from respective authorities.
  • You should have a valid driving license.
  • Bank statements are required to verify financial condition.
  • A savings account in any of the valid banks will be fine.
  • PAN Number is a mandatory requirement before you apply for registration to Uber.

Once you are ready with all the documents mentioned above, the next step is to contact the Uber office. Uber operates in all Metro Cities and other top cities in India. You can obtain the details from Uber official website.  It can be found in other information sources online.

Get the vehicle inspected

Once you complete all formalities and Uber company officials are satisfied with the documentation, the next critical step is to get the vehicle inspected. Uber has a comprehensive list of criteria to check the fitness level. If your vehicle is found ok on all the parameters, you are through.

Completed Uber Cab Registration? Now start the business

Once the go-ahead is received, you are required to install the Uber Partner App on your Smartphone. If you don’t have it, then go and buy any of the latest models. This app notifies you as and when the car is booked by the customer.

Why is Uber the best cab company?

Because of high reliability and lucrative rates, Uber is one of the preferred cab services in India. It is a company that has done remarkably well in a short time. The performance graph of Uber is reaching new heights year after year. It is needless to say that you have an incredible business opportunity when you are done with your Uber cab registration

Whether you are new in the business or you already have cars running on the roads, it is always profitable to get associated with this popular cab company.


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