Which cars can I attach in Uber? New or Used?

With the advancement of technology, several new and innovative facilities are emerging in the scene. For example, people prefer to call a cab by using the app on their mobile phones instead of waiting for public conveyance or auto.

It brings a fantastic opportunity for those who want to earn by giving their cars on rental. Instead of operating as an independent taxi operator, attaching the vehicle to Uber is a better option.

Since Uber has the reputation of being one of the best car hiring services worldwide, it makes more sense. Not only the car gets more business, but the deal is quite profitable also.

New car or used one, which one should you prefer?

Once you decide to attach the vehicle with Uber, the next question is whether you should buy a new car or the old car will do?

To start earning handsome amounts by partnering with Uber is not an intricate thing. You need to follow a few steps only:

  • The car has to be in a good condition whether it is new or old.
  • You can drive it yourself or you can hire a driver who has valid commercial license.
  • Address and Identity proof, police verification, UID, PAN and bank statements are the other mandatory documents.
  • You are supposed to contact the cab company in person or by calling them.
  • You need to apply for Service Tax number and file IT return to proceed with Uber.

As far as terms and conditions are concerned, Uber doesn’t restrict you from attaching an old car also. However, you should keep in mind that Uber keeps your car occupied heavily. Hence, the old car you are attaching with Uber should not have frequent downtime. Otherwise, you will lose business.

Examples of Cars you can attach to Uber

UberGo: Indica/ Vista/ WagonR/Swift, Indigo CS, Etios Liva (2008 or later)
UberX: Verito/ Swift/ Dzire/ Etios/ Indigo XL/Manza (2008 or later)
Uber SUV: Rapid/ Vento/ City/ Sunny/ Duster/ Innova/ Aria,etc (2012 or later)

Uber Cars give a brilliant chance to earn

Once you attach the car with Uber and if the driver is efficient, then you have ample opportunity to earn. In bigger cities, people earn 16 to 18 hours daily, and the cars are constantly on the road. In such a situation, you should not lose any opportunity just because your vehicle doesn’t allow it.

As far as the terms and conditions are concerned, then the car should be running for 13 hours per day and 350 hours in a month. In case, the driver misses the 13 hours mark; the backlog has to be covered in the remaining days in that month. Total 27 days in a month required to be logged in by your driver.

Since the commission rates and other charges levied by Uber are quite competitive and affordable, many people are getting attracted to it. Hence, start earning before others surpass you.

Uber has Pan-India reach

You name any of the big cities in India; Uber is offering services there. Ahmedabad, Bangalore, Chandigarh, Chennai, Hyderabad, Bhubaneswar, Indore, Kochi, Jaipur; these are just a few examples.

Get, set and go to an exciting world of making big profits by partnering with a leading taxi provider in the world.


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