4 tips when buying online saves you

4 tips when buying online saves you

Compare prices of products to buy from multiple sources

Needless to say, the price comparison is extremely important. Just spending a little time, you will avoid the risk of buying “accidental” goods, especially in the sale of goods. In addition, during the pricing process, you also learn more about the experiences and comments of people who have used the item, consider whether it really suits your needs or not, post-production mode. . Forever, how the deals come… Countless information will be revealed in a few clicks.

The most popular price comparison sites today are: pain.vn, websosanh.vn, giaca24.vn, … These are all websites with friendly interface, easy to use and can help you do that. . Act in the fastest and most convenient way.

“Hunting” discount codes (mã giảm giá), coupons while shopping

Currently, online shopping websites often launch a series of promotions and discounts to attract the attention of buyers and increase sales. There are many reputable shopping website addresses such as Lazada.vn, Picodi.com, adayroi.com, … that allow you to get discount codes for free or at extremely affordable prices. You just need to regularly follow their official website or Facebook page to follow the promotion, or sign up for email to receive the latest information from websites offering promotional vouchers: Offers.vn, mavoucher .net then wait leisurely for their updates. You can also take advantage of Timo’s existing offers or promotions to shop economically and efficiently.

Select the appropriate shopping site

Along with the advantages such as affordable, fast, convenient, online shopping also hides many huge promotional “traps” but the quality and origin of goods are less transparent. The tragic stories of online shopping must not be strange. If you do not know how to choose a reputable place, you will easily fall into the situation of “money loss carrying disability”.

Conversely, if you know to buy the right place, you can also save a lot of time and effort because there is no need to choose, return, or even complain. Large and reputable shopping sites such as tiki.vn, vinabook.com or Lazada.vn deserve to be a trusted address for online shoppers thanks to clear sources of goods, customer care services, after-sales . think forever.

⇒ You are a fan of shopping, go here to get a discount code (mã giảm giá) to have an attractive discount up to 70%

Take advantage of bank offers

Choosing the right bank will save you a lot of money!

According to some surveys related to finance, each month, you need to deduct 50% of your salary to invest in shopping, of which: 20% for individuals and 30% for family shopping. So, taking advantage of your bank’s promotions while shopping is also a way to help you save effectively.

Most of the online shopping websites are linked with major banks: VIB, Standard Chartered, HSCB, …

You see, to make smart shopping on the Internet is actually not too difficult, because today there are many tools to support users. Just grasp the technology, spend a little time and choose the right bank, you will be completely assured when shopping online!


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