Attach your Car
with Uber
Earn up to Rs. 90,000/* per month

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What do you require to drive with UBER CABS?


Have a commercial driving license (Driver badge) and police verification certificate.

Your Vehicle

Must be a commercial vehicle (Yellow number plate) in great condition. Uber Cab Attachment requires a New car or 2010 above model.

Your Phone

Should have an iOS or Android phone which supports the Uber partner application.

Why you'll love driving with UBER CABS


You automatically get paid every week from all your trips. So it is reliable, safe and convenient.


You can drive for a little extra cash or drive full time to earn more. It's your choice.


Day or night, the Uber Cabs is here to help you to succeed no matter the time you prefer to drive.


There are no advance bookings so your time is not wasted in waiting for riders.


Get trips from within a 3KM radius during the day and from within 5KM at night.


No call center – System is completely automated. A rider's request is automatically dispatched to the nearest available driver.

FAQs on Uber Cab Attachment

Uber is a technology platform. Uber smartphone apps connect drivers and riders. In cities where Uber operates, customers use rider app to request a ride. When a nearby driver accepts customer requests, rider app displays an estimated time of arrival for the driver heading to the customer pickup location.
A person who has a valid transport license and clean driving record can drive with Uber.
It's free to sign up with Uber Cabs. Uber will collect commissions only on trips.
All drivers are paid weekly. The amount will be credited to the owner's account.
You have the freedom to drive or not drive when you want. You’re the boss. Just log off from your Uber phone and take time when you need it. No need for approvals. No commitment. No questions asked. And when you get back, we’ll have riders waiting so you can start driving right away.
No, you can’t attach a private vehicle with uber. But you can convert it into a commercial vehicle then attach.
No, Uber doesn't provide any drivers. It is the car owner's responsibility to drive or get a driver.
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