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Uber Hyderabad

Uber Hyderabad offers a convenient and cost-effective mode of conveyance in this historical city. With three different car types ready to take people for a comfy drive; it is the best in the category. Availing the world-class ride is pretty simple.

If you want to become Uber Partner, join today

When you want to become Uber service partner, the process is astonishingly simple. You need to own a car and complete certain formalities. Rest assured about the earnings. You are partnering the world-class taxi-hailing company that carries high repute and profound experience. Hyderabad is a big city, and when you are in search of a world-class car service to get associated with, nothing can beat Uber.

The customer is the most important entity for Uber. Hence, no effort is left untouched to bring utmost convenience in the process. Uber Hyderabad makes it simple, quick and convenient.

Trust Uber, trust world class

Whether people need an early-in-the-morning pickup or they want to visit some remote Hyderabadi Biryani outlet, they always rely on Uber. We are miles ahead of conventional car hire services. When users switch to Uber Hyderabad, they experience an altogether new way of hiring cars.

For you, partnering with Uber means a guaranteed way of earning handsome money. From low-cost, pocket-friendly small cars to luxurious premium vehicles, we have a complete range of choices. Choose the category you are interested into based on the vehicle you own and become our partner.

Uber Cab Attachment Procedure in Hyderabad

Here is the basic information about Uber Hyderabad and how to get started:

  • Uber Hyderabad currently accepts Tourist Permit vehicles ONLY which are commercially licensed, yellow plated and are of 2010 and newer models.
  • On attaching the car with Uber, you get a device with the Uber app. There are NO attachment fees involved.
  • Uber takes 20% as a commission on the total earnings you make.
  • Uber calculates payments on a weekly cycle, which begins at 4:00 am on Monday and goes to 3:59 am the following Monday.
  • This means that any trip taken on Monday after 4:00 am will appear in the following week’s payment statement.

Types of cars that can be attached in Uber Hyderabad

  • UberGo: Indica/ Vista/ WagonR/ Swift, Indigo CS, Etios Liva (2008 or later)
  • UberX: Verito/ Swift/ Dzire/ Etios/ Indigo XL/ Manza (2008 or later)
  • Uber SUV: Rapid/ Vento/ City/ Sunny/ Duster/ Innova/ Aria,etc (2012 or later)

Every trip has 3 components

  • Base fare: Ensures that the kilometers you cover for reaching the pickup location are covered.
  • Per kilometer fare: Long or short trips, you are sure to earn
  • Per minute fare: Even if you are stuck in traffic, you will make money

Apart from trip earnings, you have other benefits like bonus, incentives and referrals.

You will be briefed on any other required information about our payment procedure and current incentive structure during the info session.

Documents required to attach car with Uber in Hyderabad

    • For anyone driving
      • Transport license (Badge)
      • Police sticker(kukatpally Traffic PS)
    • For vehicle
      • Vehicle Insurance
      • Vehicle Registration (RC Book)
      • Vehicle Permit
      • Vehicle Fitness
      • NOC (No objection certificate) on Rs. 100 stamp paper if the car is registered under another person’s name
    • For Non-Driving Partner (NDP):A fleet owner or non-driving-partner is someone who does not drive himself, but owns vehicles and manages drivers on the Uber platform.
      • Photo ID
      • Cancelled Cheque
  • For New vehicle (TR Vehicle):
    • Vehicle Insurance
    • Temporary registration (TR)
    • Canceled cheque /Passbook
    • Transport license (Badge) for driver

Uber Hyderabad Office address:

HITEX Convention center, Gate 10, Novotel Hotel, Kondapur. Hyderabad, Telangana

Mon – Sat, 10 AM – 4 PM


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