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Uber Delhi

When people are there in Delhi on a business trip, or is it just a casual tour with kith and kin? Regardless of the purpose of the tour, they always need prompt and punctual taxi services to move around. Why should they use old-fashioned methods of booking cabs when Uber Delhi is there; a superior, smarter and better way of hiring a car!

When you are a vehicle owner, Uber opens doors of prosperity. Become Uber partner and bring happiness to your life. Choose a taxi service that is easy, handy and reliable. Uber is a global brand with the presence in several countries across the globe. It is the best company to become associated to. Being a process-oriented company, Uber Delhi values your partnership. We have the rating system based on the user feedback. It is used for service enhancement, and it is a chance to increase income levels as well. We read every bit of what our customers talk about us.

Unmatched quality, once and always!

When you become Uber partner, it is a delightful experience for you and your customers. You amaze the customers by offering excellent service; we assure you that you will have a delightful partnership with Uber.

Aptly supported by a foolproof automated system, we offer a robust platform that requires the least human intervention. It is the reason we are the undisputed leader in the niche.

We rule the hearts of millions of people in Delhi, the capital of India by offering services that make a difference. When Delhites think about hiring a taxi, they think about Uber!

Uber Cab Attachment Procedure in Delhi

  • Uber Delhi currently accepts Tourist Permit vehicles ONLY which are commercially licensed, yellow plated and are of 2010 and newer models.
  • On attaching the car with Uber, you get a device with the Uber app. There are NO attachment fees involved.
  • Uber takes 20% as a commission on the total earnings you make.
  • Uber calculates payments on a weekly cycle, which begins at 4:00 am on Monday and goes to 3:59 am the following Monday.
  • This means that any trip taken on Monday after 4:00 am will appear in the following week’s payment statement.

Types of cars that can be attached in Uber Delhi

  • UberGo: Indica/ Vista/ WagonR/Swift, Indigo CS, Etios Liva (2008 or later)
  • UberX: Verito/ Swift/ Dzire/ Etios/ Indigo XL/Manza (2008 or later)
  • Uber SUV: Rapid/ Vento/ City/ Sunny/ Duster/ Innova/ Aria,etc (2012 or later)

Every trip has 3 components

  • Base fare: Ensures that the kilometers you cover for reaching the pickup location are covered.
  • Per kilometer fare: Long or short trips, you are sure to earn
  • Per minute fare: Even if you are stuck in traffic, you will make money

Apart from trip earnings, you have other benefits like bonus, incentives and referrals.

You will be briefed on any other required information about our payment procedure and current incentive structure during the info session.

Documents required to attach car with Uber in Delhi

    • For anyone driving
      • Transport license (Badge)
      • Police clearance certificate
    • For vehicle
      • Vehicle Insurance,
      • Vehicle Registration (RC Book)
      • Vehicle Permit
      • Vehicle Fitness,
      • NOC(No objection certificate) on 100 stamp paper if the car is registered under another person’s name
  • For Non-Driving Partner (NDP):
    • Photo ID
    • Cancelled Cheque

Uber Delhi Office address:

E-16, E block market, Hauz Khas, New Delhi – 110016

Monday to Saturday between 8 am to 8 pm

For Support (Device issues/ Doc Support):

Gurgaon (Address – 2nd Floor, SCO 300, Sector 29, Gurgaon)

Monday to Saturday between 8 am to 8 pm


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