Uber Incentive Plans: Boost & Lakshya

Uber always tries to offer maximum profitability to its partners. The business model of the company is based on client satisfaction. Hence, it spends hefty money in subsidizing rides for passengers and sharing the profits with the drivers.

The promotion offers and Uber Incentive Plans are always different and innovative as compared to its competitors. The promotion offers in small markets, and bigger markets are competitive and they are rolling out in other places as well.

No promos last forever. They are launched according to the market conditions. If there is no expected performance, then the promos get rolled back.

In the contemporary times, Uber Incentive Plans: Boost and Lakshya have been quite successful in enhancing earnings of their drivers.

Boost Uber Earnings – Uber Incentive Plan

Uber moves away from the earlier concept of hourly guarantee pay or Power Driver Bonus. Instead, it focuses on Uber Boost Model of earning. Since the company doesn’t mind experimenting, it makes massive, multiplied incentives for drivers.

How does a driver earn the Boost Earning and how does he maximize it? Well, it is a structured program which can make miracles if used wisely. Here are the salient features of the program.

  • There is no special procedure to opt for it. You are supposed to receive the offer via Email, though. It is also displayed on the Driver Partner App.
  • Uber also sends in-app notification when the program is available. 1.5x boost means 50 percent extra, 1.6x means 60 percent extra, etc.
  • Earning boosts encourages drivers to move on the road during the commuting hours or rush hours.
  • The boost amounts during the hours that are high in demand are higher than the usual ones.
  • When the Boost is available, the Boost Area appears with a red outline in the app. When a ride initiates in that area, the surge multiplier gets added automatically to it.
  • The latest update in the app allows drivers to see every time they get the Uber Boost. Earlier, they had to wait for the EOW for it.
  • There are no tax deductions on the Boost incentive.

The Lakshya Program highlights – Uber Incentive Plan

Lakshya is a target to number of trips in two distinct segments, Monday to Thursday and Friday to Sunday. The information of Lakshya can be obtained from the website.

Let’s understand it with an illustration. For example, there is a target given for Monday to Thursday where

  • Rs 1000 will be paid for 8 trips
  • Rs 3000 will be paid for 20 trips
  • Rs 4500 will be paid for 30 trips

The trips can be done in a flexible manner. Each driver can decide it as per his convenience. It is possible to track the terms and conditions, number of trips, incentives added and total earning and incentive.

Uber fees and taxes will be deducted on the Uber Fare only. Drivers can maximize their earnings by working smartly. Uber doesn’t want them to burn their midnight oil for earning a few bucks.

What is required is the drivers should be alert and aware of the Uber incentive plans so they can work smarter.


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