Uber Car Leasing Simplified By XchangeLeasing India

Are you interested in joining Uber but unable to do it because you do not own a car that qualifies for Uber standards? Well, the company always thinks about its business partners and brings innovative ideas that directly benefit prospective Uber partners. There is a lucrative business opportunity waiting for you in the form of Uber car leasing – Do not lose it just because you do not own a vehicle.

XchangeLeasing India brings new ray of hope for prospective Uber partners

Join the flexible, yet gainful business by availing Uber-XLI (XchangeLeasing India) facility. This is an Uber car leasing scheme designed to facilitate drivers.  This Uber product is miles ahead of others in profitability.

This partnership of Uber and a Mumbai-based Xchange Leasing company facilitates drivers to acquire leased cars at affordable rates with an exciting opportunity to make good money. Uber drivers have to pay a security deposit of Rs.27000 if they want to avail the facility.

Salient aspects of Uber car leasing

  • It is a one-time payment, and for thirty-six months (three years), they need to pay a fixed amount as the lease payment. After three years, they get the choice of owning the vehicle in a very simple, straightforward process.
  • The initial payment (down payment) is 27000 & weekly payment is around 6000 rupees per week (5954 to be precise). The vehicle available under this scheme is Maruti Suziki Ritz.

Once you complete three years, you have a choice to own the vehicle or not. Xchange Leasing calculates the value of the car after three years. Suppose the depreciated value comes out to be 200,000 rupees, Xchange Leasing deducts the expenses incurred to avail scheduled services. The amount comes out to be 150,000 approximately. Since you have already paid 27000 as the down payment, the actual liability is 123000 rupees.

Required Documents for Uber car leasing

Uber car leasing makes the process simple and user-friendly. However, there are directives given by the government about documentation. Here is a the checklist of documents required for Uber car leasing applications:

  1. Proof of residence.
  2. Valid Identity Proof.
  3. Bank Passbook or Bank Statement.
  4. PAN Card.
  5. Driving License.

The Uber car leasing program mentioned here is a tested one that achieved immense success in many countries including the US. Uber is optimistic to achieve the similar success in India because many prospective drivers leave the idea of joining the fleet of Uber because they do not own a car. and this program gives a great opportunity to them.

The unique Uber car Leasing scheme fulfills the unique needs of drivers and offers greater flexibility that no other program offers. Call your Uber Dost team at 7097759277 or Fill this contact form


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