Know everything about Uber Moto

Uber launched the Uber Moto services with a big bang in Hyderabad recently. Yes, it is a revolutionary and exciting concept that makes hiring a bike easy.

Riders get the bike details on their mobile just like Uber cars. All standard safety features of cars apply to Uber Moto service also.  You can find out the details on the website.

Like Uber cars, bike riders will also get the requisite insurance coverage and two-way feedback facility. GPS tracking is the default feature, and you can share the details of the trip with your family and friends as well.

Those who need cost-effective conveyance should hire Uber Moto service.

The modus operandi

You need to download Uber Moto app on your mobile phone (iOS or Android) to avail the facility. If you are an existing user, then you should upgrade the app to incorporate this feature.

Just like Uber Car app, you need to enter the pickup and drop location to request the ride. You receive the name, photograph and other details of the driver and the bike on your mobile phone.

Since the rider and the driver are supposed to wear a helmet, there is always an extra helmet available. Don’t forget to the same as it is mandatory by the rules.

You can pay by cash, credit/debit card or other mobile options at the end of the ride. You should get the electronic receipt for the payment.

Uber Moto makes ride cost-effective

When you are riding alone, Uber Moto is the most economic mode of transport. Instead of hiring a car, you can hire a bike. The service is highly suitable for daily commuters, sales and marketing executives, and other professionals.

Though the service is comparatively new and it is available in selective cities, it will become greatly popular in other cities very soon.

Services will be available from 8 AM to 10 PM covering several parts of the city. Discount offers and promo codes make it cost-effective. You need to be vigilant for the latest codes.

Uber Moto is highly suitable in India

Due to heavy load of traffic on the roads and troublesome traffic conditions, it is always easy to travel by a bike instead of a car. It is the reason; Uber Moto is a preferred mode of commutation.

Typically in congested areas, one can reach the destination faster if he rides a bike. When reliable, well-known companies like Uber offer the services, things become pretty simple.


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