How to get a five star rating in Uber?

When you attach your vehicle with Uber, then you expect handsome earnings. Whether you drive the car or hire some driver, the aim is to maximize profits. Experts say that consistently earning Five Star rating can be helpful in achieving your goals. Yes, the more you are rated high by customers; the better is your position in the system. You will get more business which is desirable.

Many people think that getting a good rating is just by chance. You can’t control the mindset of your client. Since it depends on his or her discretion fully, it is an uncontrollable parameter.

Yes, the argument is partially agreed that it is in the hands of your customer. However, you can create the situation when your customers are forced to give you a good rating. Want to know a few sure-shot tricks? Here are the top five tips.

Mind your behavior

Remember, the customer is the king. You should keep the temperament cool even if your customer is agitated. Experts say that driver’s attitude is a prime factor for a rating below five stars. Wish the customer when he or she enters and exits.

Do not be a chatter box while driving. Most of the customers do not like unnecessary talks. They want to remain aloof and silent. However, if the customer starts talking, then respond politely and to the point.

Reach the pickup location in time

Yes, Uber is known for its punctuality. When you represent Uber, you should keep it in mind. In case you are going to be late because of traffic or other unavoidable factors, let the customer know about it. It shows your concern for the client. It would surely help in getting a good rating.

Do not argue about the route or driving style if customer comments about it

You are the sole authority to decide on the route or driving style, and most of the customers do not object to it. However, some customers have the habit of intruding into your domain. Yes, it is irritating undoubtedly, but you can’t help it.

Either do not respond or keep your cool temperament. At the end f the day, you need a good rating from the customers. No customer is going to stay in your vehicle forever. Then, what is the point in arguing?

 Keep your car in order and achieve a five star rating

The most annoying thing is when the customer finds that the Air-conditioner in the car is not working or the shock-absorbers are pathetic. Customers do not like any inconvenience or trouble in the ride, which is obvious. Therefore, always make sure that the car is fit and fine.

Even if there is a minor trouble, then get it corrected ASAP. When customers have a comfy ride, they will give you a good rating. When the ride is bumpy, they will not consider other things. They will rate you worst without a blink.

These tips are effective and useful in getting good ratings. Being a Uber driver, you should always expect a Five Star rating if you follow these steps.


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