Cancellation charge of Uber XL

Well, there is no need of explaining the usability, flexibility, and feasibility of booking Uber to anybody. We all are familiar (and fond of) this fantastic cab provider now.

Uber has not only changed but transformed the way people used to book cabs and taxis yesterday. It is amazingly simple, awfully convenient and unbelievably fast. You book the car, and with a blink, you get the confirmation on the screen!

Uber XL, the extended convenience

Though people have been using it for quite some time now, there was always a need felt for bigger vehicles that can accommodate large groups or big families.

The introduction of Uber XL bridges the gap by spacious 6-seater vehicles at quite affordable rates if you compare other service providers.

Yes, the vehicle has room for everyone, and it gives a fantastic ride without putting a burden on your pocket!

When more space is your need, it won’t disappoint you either. And it is accompanied by the familiar Uber experience, mind it!

What if you are unable to travel after booking Uber XL?

Believe it or not but it is the last thing Uber wish to happen. However, at times there are circumstances when you book the car but unable to travel.

Though it is frustrating for both driver partners and riders, Uber wants to keep the process handy and easy.

To make sure that the driver partners are compensated well for their commitment they show towards the trip, Uber has the provision of Cancellation Fee.

When the rider cancels the Uber XL trip within five minutes of initiating the request, there is no fee charged. After that, the fee will be charged based on the rules applicable to the city. For example, in Delhi, the cancellation charge is Rs 100+service tax applicable.

Remember, there are cancellation charges for “No Show” as well. If you fail to meet the Driver-Partner within the specified time limit at the pick-up location, then the trip is deemed as canceled. The charge will be deducted from the saved payment wallet or added to your next trip.

The cancellation fee is to protect the interests of partners and customers

Yes, it is pretty costly to provide comfort and state-of-the-art services to the customers. Uber maintains excellent infrastructure to make the ride joyful. Hence, it is inevitable to charge a little money when the trip doesn’t happen.

It helps in keeping the service standards outstanding and making Uber riding a forever memorable experience.


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