Attach your Yellow Board Car to Uber

The emergence of new technology brings new business avenues. With the availability of the Internet on Smartphones, there is a massive change in our lifestyle.

Today, it is possible to do anything and everything with the help of these power-packed devices; including booking a cab!

As the user-friendly apps like UberApp become popular, more and more people avail the facility.

Do you own a yellow plate vehicle and want to reap fantastic business benefits by attaching the vehicle with Uber?

Well, it is not rocket science at all. Being the leading service provider Uber keeps the process amazingly simple and convenient.

Here are a few prerequisites for the yellow board:

  • Commercial driving license or Driver Badge
  • Police verification certificate (it is mandatory nowadays)
  • Commercial vehicle in good condition (2010 and later models)
  • Yellow number plate
  • A Smartphone (Android or iOS) that can support Uber Partner Application

What cars can you attach?

There are three categories of cars offered by Uber. The model and company names mentioned below are indicative. You need to seek appropriate resources to get the authentic information.

  • Uber Go: Indica, WagonR, Ritz, Beat, I10, Brio
  • UberX: Xylo, Etois, Swift Dzire, Enjoy
  • UberXL: Duster, Innova, Aria, Rapid

What documents do you need to submit?

If you want that the vehicle attachment process gets over in one go, then the following documents are required to be submitted.

  1. Vehicle Registration Certificate or RC
  2. Contract Carriage Permit of the vehicle
  3. Insurance certificate of the vehicle
  4. Fitness certificate
  5. Lease Agreement (if the vehicle is taken on lease)
  6. Canceled cheque or Passbook issued by the bank
  7. Aadhar Card

The list of documents and prerequisite is not comprehensive. The dynamic situation makes several changes and amendments in it. Hence, driver partners are advised to talk to concerned officer before submitting the application form.

It is a fantastic business opportunity for everyone

Attaching the car to Uber is a fantastic chance of making money. When you get attached to a big brand like Uber, things become easy.

You get the backing of a company that is known for its promptness, reliability and excellent customer commitment.

The level of trust Uber has built is phenomenal. When you represent Uber, you get the advantage of it. Follow the process mentioned earlier and attach the Yellow Board Car to Uber.

Welcome to the wonderful world of Uber. Get ready for an enjoyable and thrilling experience.


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